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Dental A to Z

Dental A to Z

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The covering of dental costs by regular payments. There are various schemes available: capitation, insurance and cash plans.

Capitation - Premiums are calculated based on the patients dental condition so, those with poor teeth can expect to pay a higher premium. Many plans will require dental fitness before acceptance and contain provisions for additional charges such as laboratory fees where crowns, bridges, dentures etc. are concerned. Expensive items such as implants are excluded.

Insurance - These low cost schemes provide a generous cash benefit for the restoration of teeth in the event of damage from an accident. Benefit for the treatment of oral cancer is usually also included. Advanced materials and dental technology in the form of titanium implants can bring about the most incredible restorative transformation. This treatment is expensive and not available under the NHS. So insurance cover is an attractive purchase.

Dental Cash Plans - Similar to Hospital Cash Plans where a number of dental conditions attract cash benefits.